VCO oil, Overcoming Obesity

Many experts pointed to a diet of coconut oil as the source of the cause of obesity. It was also attended by doctors specializing in internal medicine who also often write it as taboo to eat in the recipes. Who did not lose again, par chemists would often say that coconut oil contains lots of saturated fatty acids so it is not good for the body. Yet that assumption is not entirely true.

MCFA is the largest component of fatty acids in coconut oil. However, these fatty acids are not used in the form of lipo proteins and not circulated in the bloodstream like other fats, but sent directly to the liver and then converted into energy. These fatty acids are also easily digested and absorbed by the intestinal wall because of relatively small molecular size. Thus, it can reduce the work of the pancreas, gastrointestinal tract, liver, and not make the fat to accumulate in the body.

When consuming virgin coconut oil, the body uses to produce energy directly, rather than hoard in adipose tissue as body fat. The content of MCFA found in coconut oil can reduce fat, reduce fat pile, and also encourage the burning of LCFA (long chain fatty acids) cause of obesity. Moreover, MCFA can also alter metabolism into a higher level and burn more calories the body that are not consumed.

Various studies have demonstrated the superiority of lauric acid for health. Lauric acid and saturated fatty acids, and myristate is present in coconut oil was also able to cope with being overweight or obese.

Eksperimantal studies showed that the replacement of soybean oil to palm oil can lose weight significantly. This can be explained that the consumption of oil flashing, saturated fatty acids directly burned by the body and produces energy.

Medium chain saturated fatty acids found in coconut oil so soon arrive in the digestive tract without being absorbed by the intestinal wall must first undergo a process of hydrolysis. Furthermore, saturated fatty acids can enter the bloodstream to be carried to the liver to be metabolized. In contrast to soybean oil contains long chain fatty acids, the body dumped in the form of fat because they can not be burned directly absorbed by the body and causing obesity.

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