Type of food for a healthy diet

healthy diet 250x166 Type of food for a healthy dietPeople with obesity are often wrong in selecting foods for a healthy diet. Selected foods often still contain carbohydrate and high cholesterol. Though the food for a healthy diet is the recommended foods that contain high protein and fiber as in vegetables and fruits.

Therefore you need to look at the content type of food for a healthy diet so that your diet program that will walk you can run optimally. You can also consult your dietician about the types of foods for a healthy diet that may be what you consume.

Here are some foods for your healthy diet.

Oatmeal is a type of food for a healthy diet that derived from the epidermis cereals can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. The type of food for a healthy diet that contains soluble fiber can reduce the bad cholesterol causes heart attacks and strokes. Serve oatmeal with fresh fruit as a substitute for your morning breakfast. Undoubtedly, within one month your blood cholesterol levels will go down and your weight is also down.

Soy milk
Soy milk has a nutrient content equivalent to cow’s milk. The type of food for a healthy diet has advantages compared with cow’s milk. Soy milk contains much higher protein, but low in carbohydrates and fat so that you can take to reduce your weight.

Mushrooms are often used as a favorite food for vegetarians because it tastes similar to beef. Mushroom consumption suitable for those who want to lose weight. The type of food for a healthy diet contains fewer calories and fat. Some studies say that people who consume the same mold of fullness with eating beef. For those of you who want to lose weight, you can create a stir-fry mushrooms or mushroom soup as one of your healthy diet.

Eggs are rich in protein. No wonder so many eggs consumed by athletes to raise their muscles. The type of food for a healthy diet can also be consumed to lose weight. In a study saying that people who ate eggs for breakfast tend to make the stomach feel full and lose weight are two times more than people who consume bread, though both have the same number of calories.

Actually, the potato is a type of food for a healthy diet are the most popular. Many people enter the type of food for this healthier diet in their diet program menu list. As we all know that potatoes contain lots of vitamins A and B, carbohydrates, fiber, sodium, potassium, phosphorus and iron.

Among the various kinds of fruit, bananas much-loved person as a list of a healthy diet. Nutrients contained in foods for a healthy diet is very good for providing energy compared with other types of fruits. The type of food for a healthy diet is also rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and calcium. In addition, vitamin C, B complex, and B6 found in bananas can meet one’s nutritional needs.

In addition to bananas, apples can also be consumed as a food companion for a healthy diet. In one apple contains vitamins such as vitamin A, B and C as well as various minerals such as iron, zinc potassium and magnesium. Apples can also prevent damage to the brain’s nerve cells can improve memory and brain. As a companion to a healthy diet food, apples also contain beneficial antioxidants and lower levels of cholesterol in the blood.

The seventh type of food for a healthy diet are the kinds of healthy foods that you will get around you. The price is affordable. So what are you waiting, immediately set up your food from now on so that the body is always healthy and not get sick.

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