Tip 6 Controlling Your Appetite

Who would not want to look slim and proportional body? Looks like there will be no one who rejected if the body is proportional to an object that can be distributed free of charge. For some people who want to have an ideal weight, it often gets clash when the development of the culinary world more interesting. More and more foods that are tempting. The new menus that go into the stall served curiosity wanted to try. That’s where the problems started. When appetite is directly correlative with the higher weight gain.

Spoiling appetite is fine. But need to watch out for the worst effects of food consumption in large quantities. Note also the content of these foods. Instead of obesity that will appear. Moreover, if the conditions of digestion in good condition. Few meals, absorption of nutrients to be highly optimized. Tail will be more and more fat deposits in the body.

A diet very closely associated with appetite. Appetite is usually preceded by hunger. However, not all hunger tails on the high appetite. Many people interpret the hungry is a desire to eat. Hunger is a biological stimulation that comes from the stomach. Some researchers say that the appetite more towards the choices we make based on desire. In a sense, appetite is a complex collection of chemical reactions of the body, habits, social behavior, and psychological conditions are hard to control. Well, someone who has the appetite will find it difficult to control if the person liked the food in front of him.

Not that there is no way out for food enthusiasts. For those who want to diet or just reduce feeding activity, there are several ways that can be taken. Eliminate your appetite is very unlikely. The most logical path is to reduce appetite. Here is a tip to reduce appetite.

Ask yourself
For most people, food is not the reason why weight gain. Many also consider eating just chewing mouth to work. Based on research from experts, such as feeding activity has nothing to do with hunger. Since the activities of eating like this usually applies when we are bored, stressed or bored with daily routine. Well, this sort of thing there is a simple antidote. Try to ask yourself, what you put food in your mouth. If hunger is not the main reason, immediately stop feeding activity.

Find an alternative
If the reason you eat just because of boredom, stress, or saturation of the routine looks like you have to do something. What to do? The answer is easy, go and find other activities besides eating activity. A variety of activities that can entertain you can make choices like the streets, listening to music, call a friend, read a favorite magazine, and many others. To be sure, these alternatives can give you pleasure and relaxation. It would be better if you could create a new routine to face day after day, but without involving food. This may be the right steps to lose weight.

Turn on the lights
When you enter the room the kitchen at night, try turning all the lights that exist. If you can turn the brightest lights. Based on the results of Irvine, a researcher from the University of California, say that you will find are in the spotlight when illuminated by many lights. The feeling of being in the spotlight this makes you have the awareness to not be carelessly do anything unnecessary, especially eating foods that contain high cholesterol.

Light the scented candles
If lust want to try the food has begun to emerge within you, try scented candles lit. The results showed a certain scent can restrain appetite. The aroma is useful to both for this is apple, peppermint and banana. Besides being able to restrain appetite, there is also a scent that you can make the therapy.

Press appetite
It may sound a little strange, but it is quite effective when you feel helpless against the appetite. Pinch a small area of ??cartilage, or exactly in the jaw which attaches just below the ear. Section is often performed by experts of acupuncture on his patients. Do this for half a minute only.

Type of food
When we have a lot of time eating, choose foods that have a high satiety level. In terms of food is more filling than other foods. Try not to choose foods that contain lots of fat. Although it feels good and makes you full, fatty foods do not have a potential glut. Instead we will likely want to continue eating. Some examples of foods that are not filling the popcorn, peanut butter, potatoes, brown pasta, cooked green beans, grapes and oranges.

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