The proper of plastic surgery

Appearance is one that determines a woman’s confidence. Therefore, no wonder so many women doing plastic surgery for the sake of appearances which they dream. However, the costs to perform plastic surgery relatively large.

Development of negative issues about the risks of plastic surgery is enough to make people uneasy, especially the women who want to try this operation. Negative issues, among others:

1. Plastic surgery can take out the soul. Most of these cases is the result of an error practice. Before performing plastic surgery, make sure the truth about the doctor’s reputation. If the patient is in good hands, plastic surgery will go smoothly. All the incident did not escape from God’s will. Patients should be lots of praying before the located on the operating table.

2. Plastic surgery is a source of various diseases. Risks that might arise that is bleeding, side effects of sedatives, necrosis, and so on. If the procedure before and after plastic surgery followed by the patient, it will not happen. However, before doing the surgery, the doctor will ask the illness or custom made, such as smoking. Patients with certain diseases prohibited to pull through plastic surgery. In addition, smokers are also susceptible to these risks. To avoid the risk of unwanted, the patient should change the pattern of life.

3. Plastic surgery patients often leads to stress that the results are not comparable to the expensive costs incurred. This relates to the first point. Patients should be selective in choosing a plastic surgeon. Plastic surgery any post rules must be obeyed, such conduct should not be too heavy but still have to run the daily activities. If not, the result may not be in line with expectations.

4. Plastic surgery is not grateful to the gift of God. Should note that the benefits of plastic surgery not only for the beauty of women. This operation can be done to health, namely the treatment of burns and birth defects such as cleft lip. If these conditions are not followed, the patient will experience a higher health risk. Thus, patients who perform plastic surgery may not be ungrateful to God, depending on the intentions of each patient.

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