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Type of food for a healthy diet

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People with obesity are often wrong in selecting foods for a healthy diet. Selected foods often still contain carbohydrate and high cholesterol. Though the food for a healthy diet is the recommended foods that contain high protein and fiber as in vegetables and fruits. Therefore you need to look at the content type of food Continue Reading

Restrain Appetite with Hoodia


Hoodia, whoever heard of this plant? I think many of you who have never heard the words “Hoodia”. Though this plant has many benefits which are also useful for those who want to lose weight. Hoodia is a cactus type plant that grows in South Africa and has a function which I think is very Continue Reading

Avocado Fruit For a Healthy Diet

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Avocado Fruit For a Healthy Diet – Consuming avocado will add weight turned out to be the wrong opinion. Many people avoid avocados when you’re on a diet because of the high fat content. Avocado is high in fat which is about 14.66g / 100 grams. But you should know, that the type of fat Continue Reading

Tricks to reduce appetite


Savour the food before eating According to Alan Hirsch, MD, a neurologist from the University of Illinois Medical School in Chicago, America, food smell can fool the nerve center of the brain responsible for satiety signals. “Inhaling the smell of food slowly, about three times before meals, can make your brain think that you’ve eaten Continue Reading

How Yoga Helps Your Diet?

Yoga fitness exercises an option that not only makes the body healthy, but also make the body more slender. Why Yoga is so powerful and precise to be part of your diet program? Journal of the American dietetic Association issued (The American Dietetic Association) revealed people who do yoga regularly have a lower body mass. Continue Reading

Menu for weight loss

diet menu

Many people who do not know how to prepare a menu to lose weight. When in fact you can learn how to prepare a menu to lose weight through books, magazines, internet and other media. You also can choose your favorite type of food into the menu to lose weight during the portion size and Continue Reading

Bananas, Nutrition Essential for Preventing Muscle Cramps

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Bananas, Nutrition Essential for Preventing Muscle Cramps – Bananas are healthy foods that you can get easily and can be eaten at any time. In addition to easy to carry anywhere, bananas are also rich in nutrients that are beneficial to health. Bananas have a soft texture and rich in various essential nutrients, so it Continue Reading

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