Sex and Weight Loss. What to do?

Sex and weight, both of which are sensitive and personal topics are often avoided. The truth is, they were closely interrelated. Research shows that in addition to an effect on a person’s level of confidence, weight loss also affects the health and quality of sexual activity. Ladies, keep reading and find your way to a better sex life!

Physical Attraction = Better Sex Life
Sex of course related to physical appearance. One that affects the physical appearance is the weight. Research shows that the level of a person’s self confidence tends to decline if the person is overweight. Confidence in sexual life is very important.

Those who have confidence in body weight and body shape are known to have a better sex life and quality. Conversely, those who were not satisfied or are not confident with her body shape tend to decrease sexual desire.

Healthy Weight = Healthy Sex Drives & Performance
Not only self-confidence, weight loss also affects the performance and quality of sex. Women with ideal weight have a sex drive and a good level of sexual satisfaction. Then, why women with excess body weight can decrease sexual desire and performance? This is because the formation of fatty blockages in blood vessels that lead to inhibition of blood flow to sexual organs so that sexual arousal and sensitivity to sexual stimulation also decreased.

Healthy Diet Can Be Answer
Luckily, sexual problems arising from excess weight can be overcome by losing weight. Research shows that weight loss can help improve the quality of sexual life, both in terms of sexual arousal or gratification, on those who are overweight. Do a healthy diet and exercise program along with a partner.

Guess what? Research shows that weight loss results will be more effective as a diet together with a partner. In addition, the level of discipline during exercise also increased in those who follow an exercise program with her lover.

In addition to ideal weight, healthy diet with a calorie-controlled and balanced nutrition plus adequate rest is also a positive benefit for your sex life. Shape it up, Ladies. Sure you can do!

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