Why salmon is so popular?

Fresh fish such as salmon to fresh foods are much favored by the texture and the taste is very unique. Although the consumption of food derived from the ocean is not only salmon, but there are many other types of fish. The physical form of the salmon meat is very typical with so much content that may be absorbed into useful nutrients.

salmon Why salmon is so popular?Salmon has been my hobby since the first. Usually meat consumed raw salmon. This is due to the very high content of these feared to be damaged or lost due to the process of frying or boiling.

Why is salmon a favorite by many people consume? It all started from the nutrient-rich and nutrient content present in red meat is fresh. Some of the contents are very beneficial to us as follows:

Sources of Vitamin D. Salmon is a natural source of vitamin D besides sunlight, milk, cheese, and yogurt. Therefore people who regularly consume salmon will have a more healthy bones and strong.

Anti Oxidant. Salmon is rich in marine animals selenium are antioxidants that help maintain a healthy and smooth skin. Nah! This is why the Japanese secret skin nice and smooth. usually the women would race ya to buy Salmon Hypermarket!

Heart Health. Salmon is one of the benefits of blood vessels smooth. So the effect on heart health. If the performance of our blood vessels smooth freeway, then the performance of the heart is also lighter. Salmon also lowers the risk of abnormal heart rate and high blood pressure.

Pregnant Women. For pregnant women, Omega 3 has been shown to be important in the development of physical and mental health in infants.

Cholesterol. Salmon can increase good cholesterol. so that people with cholesterol should run a healthy lifestyle such as exercising and eating nutritious foods and do not forget to increase the consumption of salmon.

Omega 3. The content of omega 3 in salmon is high and good for health. Moreover, the levels of omega 3 in salmon eggs.

Salmon is one of the sea creatures are highly recommended consumption because it is good for health. however, because their numbers are limited, the price offered is also not cheap. if we are concerned with health, what’s of great price if it benefits so many. The high price simply make us more conscious of not exploiting seafood excessively.

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