Quality sleep gives your body stamina

Quality sleep is a source of freshness, energy and vitality needed to optimize the productivity of the next day. Sleep quality is an absolute necessity that is as important as nutritious food and exercise. If you are experiencing insomnia setup day, what you believe the next day you could be more fresh. From now start implementing a healthy sleep pattern.

1. Discipline. Always sleep on time. In order to keep your body clock, wake up at the same time. No matter whether you get enough sleep or not. Try to keep the regularity of sleep and woke up both weekdays and holidays.

2. Exercise regularly. Regular exercise is a panacea to neutralize the physical tension and mind you. Somehow it has helped improve the quality of your sleep. Do not be late for sports. Just do a little light exercise. The most ideal time for exercise is early morning or late afternoon or late afternoon maximum.

3. The atmosphere and Ritual. Make it convenient. Keep the humidity and air temperature your bedroom. Try such a way so early dating, akin sun into your room. Before sleep, try to relax. Does not need too much thinking. Perform a pleasant bedtime ritual such as listening to soft music, reading light reading. Adjust the lighting also ruing your sleep.

4. Quality, Not Quantity. The important thing is quality not quantity. No problem if you only slept for 5 hours only but you feel refreshed. If you’d had enough sleep, your time was better used for other activities.

5. Do not Sleep in the state Hungry or Heartburn. As much as possible you should be able to avoid the bed because of fatigue and not on your sleeping hours. Do not sleep in a state of hunger or satiety instead. Avoid nuts or fruits that contain a gas. Also avoid snacking with high fat content because it takes longer to digest. If the diet again, never slept in a state of hunger. Was better eat low-calorie fruits such as bananas or apples.

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