Preventing Influenza attack

Influenza arguably While commonly experienced by most people in the world. Sudden high fever, high fever accompanied by watery eyes, headache, sore throat, runny nose, and muscle pain are some common symptoms that often occur.

Influenza with the above symptoms, can be categorized as seasonal influenza. Usually, the person who has a good body immunity, would gradually recover easily. Although the influenza virus spreads easily, in fact the “bastion” of a healthy body condition, will be able to resist the attack of the virus.

As a result, the symptoms will subside by itself within 5-7 days. Conversely, when the immune system is weakened, the virus will easily aggravate the condition of the body. It could even go towards complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

Many people consider easy when stricken with influenza and often too late to properly handle the flu, such as going to the doctor. They assume just by taking a drug that can be purchased at the shop will be able to instantly cure influenza.

It is no wonder to the World Health Organization (WHO) noted in the world there are about 250 thousand to 500 thousand people die every year because of influenza.

Influenza viruses spread from one individual to another through saliva aid in the air and direct contact with flu patients. By the time he sneezes or coughs, the virus in saliva droplets suspended in the air and enter through the respiratory tract of others, so the flu virus spreads further.

In addition, direct contact such as shaking hands with an infected person will facilitate the spread of this virus. On the other hand, the use of multiple devices simultaneously such as in the bus handrails and door handles in public places can also be one factor in transmission of influenza.

Even when we hold our money also gets a “bonus” influenza virus. Healthy life is also not free from personal and environmental hygiene. When environmental conditions are not clean, condition is also capable of triggering breeding of influenza virus. Clean living often do not become conscious of every person.

Preventive and curative
There is no other way than to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent the spread of influenza virus. Healthy lifestyle includes things such as eating a balanced nutritious diet and regular.

Sufficient rest, regular exercise, and recreation. When healthy way of life is always on guard, it will support the health of the body, so that our bodies can easily conquer the influenza virus.

Washing hands can also become a good habit to prevent the spread of influenza virus. Because the hand is part of the body most often have direct contact with the media intermediary influenza virus.

By frequently washing hands with soap and clean water, especially after traveling and holding or using public facilities so we can avoid the spread of this influenza virus.

In addition to hand washing, we also have to avoid direct contact with flu patients and are close. If we already have a virus of influenza, you should close your nose and mouth with a handkerchief when sneezing so that the virus is not easily spread.

If necessary, use a mask to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to others. When the flu that we suffer more severe, do not push to keep working. Simply go to the doctor and rest at home. In addition to the condition of the body will quickly recover, the patient did not become disseminators of the influenza virus.

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