Prevent osteoporosis

healthy bone Prevent osteoporosisPrevent osteoporosisBenefits of fruit and vegetable consumption to prevent osteoporosis. One of the problems that threaten the health of millions of people in Indonesia is osteoporosis. This disease is also called osteoporosis, which is characterized by reduced bone mass and changes in bone tissue microarchitecture. Bone damage that occurs faster than the body’s ability to repair it.

Osteoporosis mostly experienced by the elderly, especially women. But it is undeniable that the signs osteoporosis also found in middle age. Therefore, from an early age everyone, including teenagers need to know that Osteoporosis is a very real health threat and should be prevented early on by eating vegetables and fruits, not by taking supplements. Avoid consumption of certain supplements as reinforcement based bone research for many years.

Unbalanced nutrition is the most common case anywhere. Nutritional imbalances can lead to, most of the diseases. We often consume foods high in calories, high in nutrients but no. We consume foods high in protein but less eating vegetables or fruits. Our diet has been formed to eat fast food, and food is available in the packaging as well.

Minerals necessary for the prevention of Osteoporosis. Minerals and co-factors are the elements needed to build healthy bones. Then, from where we get the minerals? The best source of minerals are green vegetables and fruits. In our country many types of vegetables and fruits which can be obtained at an affordable price.

To ensure that your mineral needs by eating vegetables and fruit can be met, preferably vegetable cultivated at home. You can also buy a book with recipes that teach you to make different combinations of vegetables that you do not get bored due to the monotonous menu. As for the fruit is no problem, because it can be consumed directly or juiced. If you want to eat fruit that is available in the package, then you should consider nutritional content first. Fruit in containers often we find given flavor, which may endanger health.

We know that routine consumption of vegetables and fruits is not an easy habit. But given the importance of health for us, this practice should be established early on, before osteoporosis occurs.

By continuing to do this practice, we will see a big difference in the energy and stamina. Skin and hair will be healthy. People will ask what her secret. Of course you will remember that for many years you have given the best care for themselves by meeting the nutrient that builds strong bones and a healthy body.

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