Prevent Diabetes with Exercise

obesity Prevent Diabetes with ExercisePrevent Diabetes with Exercise – Many people are lazy to exercise by reason of busy and had no time to spare. In fact, physical activity is very important to prevent serious diseases and disorders of health conditions.

Results of various studies indicate, one of the best ways to avoid the risk of developing diabetes is to always control your weight. This can be achieved by doing regular physical activity and follow a healthy diet that focuses on fruits and vegetables.

Several studies have proven the importance of exercising regularly, although experts are still debating how long it ideal exercise to prevent disease. As a result, recommendations were varied, ranging from 1 hour, 30 minutes, and 15 minutes. Even a recent study claims, engaging in physical activity for 1 minute every day (eg jogging) can substantially reduce the risk of a person suffering from serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Moreover, the researchers found physical activity with a short span of time can also help, even help treat diabetes, although further research is needed on this subject.

In recent research, for example, experts from the Department of Health, University of Bath, involving several participants who were asked to do the sprint cycling two times (20 seconds) for three times a week. The trial lasted for six weeks. After that, the scientists conducted a number of physical measurements and tests. The results showed that an increase in insulin function participants an average of 28 percent.

The authors suggested that the study is not the first to show a positive effect of short-term physical activity to increase insulin function and blood sugar levels. Basically, regular physical exercise with the right amount proved to be the best way to prevent type 2 diabetes and keep blood sugar levels remain low.

However, factors such as lifestyle, bad habits, lack of motivation, and the reason is often a busy constraints and contributed greatly to the lack of physical activity most of us.

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