Overcoming aging with Food

Anti-aging creams were scattered everywhere, from cheap to expensive. But you know, aging not merely a physical appearance?

Fingers 30-year-old woman was gently rubbed his eyes. He looked concerned with wrinkles that begin to appear. Before long, friends came up and provide anti-aging cream that (he) could eliminate wrinkles around the eyes in a matter of months. Suddenly, the anxiety faded from the woman’s face. A smile spread across his lips were both beautiful women before.

The illustration above can be easily found on the ads that aired on television. No wonder the little wrinkles appear, can be translated as one of the hallmarks of aging. More fatal effects of exposure to advertising had been a misrepresented aging and anti-aging. For example, by means that aging occurs solely when the outward appearance starts are not prime. So the anti-aging is only required to maintain the outer beauty.

The definition of anti-aging is the various efforts and ways to maintain optimal health. However, people prefer to take anti-aging as meaning excellent physical appearance, including the beauty here.

Hormones affected
How, anyway, so we can keep all the elements of optimum health and quality? There are many things that affect the length of a person’s quality of life. For example genetic factors, lifestyle, exercise habits, diet, sleeping habits, nutritional quality, and maintenance of hormonal balance.

Apparently if all these factors can be maintained properly, will affect or extend the quality of life.

However, aging also can not get out of balance hormones. Hormone imbalance will affect the start of physical appearance to reduce the optimization of organ function in our body.

Because the hormone is a substance naturally produced by our body through several glands located in the brain. Where the balance will create an optimal quality of life. Thus, there is a disruption in this hormonal imbalance is believed to be a beginning of the onset of diseases of aging that ultimately led to the death.

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