Obesity Reduces Sex Pleasure

In addition less unsightly and negatively impact health, obesity was reduced enjoyment and quality of sex.

“Many women prefer men with an athletic body and a flat stomach, and joy is not just a feeling, but rather are part of a program that is embedded in our genes,” said dr Phaidon L Toruan, MM, doctor of health problems and the style observer of life.

Apparently, obesity causes a decrease in metabolic health of the body that control erections and testosterone levels in the blood.
Obesity tends to decrease the production of testosterone and free testosterone (the active form of the hormone tesosteron). The thing that makes the situation worse is the presence of the aging process that naturally occurs in everyone, especially the decrease in the hormone testosterone, which generally begins at age 30′s, says Phaidon.

Obesity increases the risk factors associated with lower tesosteron such as obstructive sleep apnea (airway obstruction of sleep), insulin resistance (diabetes), metabolic syndrome and disease, according to Guay Andret from Harvard Medical School, published in the Journal of Andrology in 2009.

These conditions increase the chances of erectile dysfunction. Due to continuation of the decline in testosterone is the increased risk of heart attack, according to research conducted by scientists at Boston University School of Medicine and published in the International Journal of impotence Research in 2009.

Solutions to overcome the resulting excess fat obesity, says Phaidon, by reducing fat. “The key is exercise and diet,” he said.

The use of additional hormones, such as the hormone testosterone in men is one alternative to simplify the business. “Of course, different from the use of testosterone for the benefit of therapy, which uses therapeutic doses, with testosterone abuse in sports,” he said.

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