Natural ways reduce the appetite

carrots1 Natural ways reduce the appetiteNatural ways reduce the appetiteDiet very close relationship with appetite. Appetite is usually preceded by a feeling of hunger. But not all that hunger results in a high appetite. Many people interpret hunger is the desire to eat. Hunger is a biological stimulus that comes from the stomach.

Some researchers say the appetite more towards the choices we make based on the desire. In a sense, the appetite is a complex group of chemical reactions of the body, habits, social behavior, and psychological conditions that difficult run. Well, someone who has the appetite will have difficulty to operate when people are like food that is in front of him.

It does not mean there is no way out for measuring food. To diet or just want to reduce the activity of eating, there are several ways that can be achieved. Eliminate appetite is very unlikely. The most logical path is to reduce appetite. Here are tips on reducing appetite.

Type of Food
While we have not much time to eat, choose foods that have a high satiety level. In the sense food is more filling than other foods. Try not to choose foods that contain lots of fat. Even though it tastes good and makes you full, fatty foods do not have a glut of potential. Thus we are likely to want to continue to eat. Some examples of foods that are filling popcorn, peanut butter, potato, brown pasta, cooked green beans, grapes and oranges.

Aromatic Candles
If you’d like to try food lust has begun to emerge within you, try to light a scented candle. The results showed that certain scents can restrain appetite. Useful with good aroma to these things: apples, peppermint and banana. Besides being able to resist appetite, aroma there you can also make therapy.

Press Lust Eat
It may sound a little strange, but this is pretty effective when you feel helpless against appetite. Break off a small area of ??cartilage, or accuracy of the stick on the jaw just below the ear. These sections are often performed by members of acupuncture on his patients. Do this for half minutes.

Ask On Yourself
For most people, food is not the reason why weight gain. Also many who consider eating just chew that oral work. Based on research from the experts, eating like this activity has nothing to do with hunger. And since eating like this usually happens when we’re feeling tired, stressed or saturated with their daily routines. Well, this sort of thing there is a simple antidote. Try to ask yourself, for what you put food into the mouth. If hunger is not the main reason, immediately stop the activity feed.

Search for Alternatives
If you eat only reason for feeling tired, stressed, or saturated to the routine like you should do something. What to do? The answer is easy, look for other alternative activities besides eating activities. Various activities that can entertain you could make a choice as streets, listen to music, call a friend, read a favorite magazine, and many others. To be sure, these alternatives can give you pleasure and relaxation. It would be better if you can create a new routine for the day by day but without involving food. This could be the right step to reduce weight.

Light the Lamp
When you enter the kitchen at night, trying to turn on all the lights available. If you can turn on the bright lights. Based on findings from Irvine, a researcher from the University of California, say that you would feel to be in spotlight when lit many lights. The feeling of being in the spotlight makes you have to not be arbitrary consciousness do not have to act, especially eating foods that contain high cholesterol.

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