Menu for weight loss

diet menu1 Menu for weight lossMany people who do not know how to prepare a menu to lose weight. When in fact you can learn how to prepare a menu to lose weight through books, magazines, internet and other media. You also can choose your favorite type of food into the menu to lose weight during the portion size and calorie content does not exceed a predetermined value.

There are three things you need to consider in preparing the menu for weight loss, namely:

1. Your nutritional needs in a day
Nutritional needs of each person is certainly different from each other. Nutritional needs of each person is determined by gender, age, weight, height and activities undertaken. So everyone must have been different in the foods. Therefore, identify your nutritional needs from now on. How many calories per day needs for carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. That way you can find out your nutritional needs and estimate the quantity of food that needs to be consumed per day ..

2. Nutritional content of food will be consumed
In the diet program, you are not allowed to eat carelessly. Every bite you eat should be measured with certainty how calorie content. Do not you eat foods that contain the number of calories exceeds your calorie needs. If this happens, the body will store it in the form of fat reserves. This has led to the occurrence of obesity.

3. Setting meals
In preparing the menu for weight loss, meals also affect the success of your healthy diet. This is due to hours of eating is closely related to metabolism. Although the menu to lose weight you are correct, but if you are wrong in determining the hours of eating, then your diet program the results are less than the maximum. Suppose you go on a diet with dinner at 8 pm, it will be plenty of food stored in the body because the hours of 10 pm you have a break to sleep tonight. And your body takes about 3-4 hours to burn down the food that you eat.

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