Lip care tips to look sexy

Healthy lips can be described with lips that look fresh while not given a lipstick and lip gloss, with a healthy capital lip so it looks can you create a sexy and charming, yes any woman must have felt his lips dry, cracked and appear dull because several factors , among others, is sensitive to the content of the content of lipstick, the effect of the toothpaste that is too spicy, or because of illness such as heat.

Well for you guys who have a healthy mouth, here are easy tips to juggle your lips to look more sexy and charming.

Apply lip balm before daub lipstick. Lip balm or lip moisturizer works to moisturize your lips basic skin so it looks full.

Use a lip pencil to outline the edge of your lips, lip pencil color matched with the color of lipstick that you will use, the better the older level.

Once completed the entire contents of the inside of your lips with the color you want.

To increase the size of your lips use a shiny or glossy lipstick. Apply a gloss or glossy lipstick with a lip brush and choose a color that coordinates with your skin and clothes you wear.

Do not forget, after the show, get used to clean the rest of your lipstick to really clean, and before bed could use a lip balm back.

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