Hobbies Drinking Coffee, Osteoporosis alert!

In addition to support the body, bones also store minerals essential for the functioning of the body. It is important to maintain bone density by watching food intake.

Foods high in calcium is needed to increase bone density, but there are some foods and beverages should be avoided because of accelerated bone loss by releasing minerals. One of them is caffeine.

Reduce coffee to prevent osteoporosis. But now we see, the more trendy coffee shops, coffee a day could people several times. Caffeine has the effect of increasing spending on bone calcium. In addition to coffee, quite a lot of foods and beverages that contain caffeine high, such as energy drinks (about 80 mg of caffeine per can). Problem worse because caffeine addiction effects making it difficult to switch to a healthier beverage choices.

In addition to caffeine, there are several other risk factors that increase a person’s case of porous bone. No single factor that most increases the risk of osteoporosis because of all the factors accumulate.

Prevention includes not drinking alcohol, no smoking, reduce coffee, eating nutritious foods, especially vegetables and fruits, adequate and regular physical activity. Never mind that like heavy lifting, but simply walking 30 minutes, 3-5 times a week. Then the rest is also sufficient. When it is implemented, then many non-communicable diseases can be prevented.

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