Healthy Menu For Toddlers

Healthy Menu For ToddlersHealthy diet is required everybody, including babies. In line with the growth period required parents to meet all kinds of nutrients needed for your baby. Constructing a healthy menu for infants and children is tricky. But, you can do it easily as long as you know important principles that should be applied in the food list.

In this case, restrictions are infants and children aged 1 year. Age 0 to 12 months was classified into groups of infants, whereas after the age of children classified into groups where they are able to consume the same food as adults (limited to bland foods or too much spice) which is more popular in western countries in terms of “Table Food”.

Nutritional intake is a key factor in the development of baby’s brain cells. Make sure the food you put in is a healthy menu that contains a lot of calcium to help maintain immunity and prevent memory loss and heart problems. In addition, enter the same foods rich in iron to avoid anemia and impaired brain development. Motor development and optimal intelligence must also be supported by insufficient protein intake, it is not to remove from the list of protein foods healthy foods for your baby.

When preparing healthy menus for babies and children, make sure that you include a variety of food presentation, because it will be very helpful so that your baby does not get bored and end up eating with gusto. Babies actually know and can feel the boredom of the food, as well as foods that he likes and does not. But they did not yet able to communicate. You who must be sensitive to this.

Broadly speaking, a healthy menu for the baby of the group consisting of wheat, vegetable group, fruit group, milk group, the meat group and the group of fats, oils and sugar. The basic principle is to choose foods that are rich in fiber and low in fat and calories.

In preparing a healthy menu for children, you have to work a little harder. Differences with babies in general still want to eat food that you give even though they are bored, under-fives sometimes refuse certain types of food and do not even want to eat it at all for reasons less tasty, less sweet and less savory.

You can handle it by making nutritious snacks, both savory and sweet. This can be initiated by mixing pieces of broccoli and peppers into the batter fry tempeh. You can also do the same thing when frying chicken or fish. Useful addition to accustom them to eat vegetables, this step can also make them feel happy and not get bored with your healthy menu.

You can also play around with creativity when preparing food for them to school. You can use special molds to form the rice, vegetables, tempeh, tofu, nuggets and other healthy foods to make it look attractive so they will eat it. Congratulations preparing healthy menus for babies and children!

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