Healthy Foods for Pregnant Women

When pregnant, a mother needs for health and nutrition of the fetus. However, not be eaten any food. Pregnant women should be careful in choosing foods that will be consumed, because in addition to meet the nutrients for the body, also to meet the nutritional needs of the fetus in the womb.

If inadequate nutrient intake can be bad for the fetus. For example, birth defects or have below-normal weight. In general, there are four foods that can meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women.

Animal protein.
As the name implies, these proteins derived from animals and serves to assist the growth of cells of the body organs, forming the fetal brain, helping to improve the intelligence of the brain, red blood cells and make more powerful. If the deficiency of this protein may make people more susceptible to disease. Raw foods contain animal protein include chicken, beef, fish, and eggs.

Vegetable protein.
Proteins derived from plants are widely available in the tofu, and nuts. Amazingly, the food containing vegetable protein usually does not contain cholesterol that is harmful to health. Vegetable protein is useful for the formation of fetal cells, while fiber content in it will help smooth the process of digestion.

Red vegetables.
Red vegetables good for health of pregnant women because it contains carotenoids (lycopene, alpha carotene, beta carotene) which can reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer, gastric cancer, and cervical cancer. Beta carotene alone can reduce the risk of heart disease. Examples of red vegetables of red peppers, red tomatoes, carrots, spinach and red.

Organic vegetables.
Safe to eat more organic vegetables than usual because the vegetables do not contain pesticide residues that are harmful to health. This type of vegetables also contain nutrients, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and zinc; that is 10% higher than ordinary vegetables.

In addition to considering the four food ingredients above, fetal development also needs to be understood that occurred in each trimester of pregnancy can be arranged so that a healthy diet if suitable and appropriate to the needs of pregnant women.

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