Garlic For Health Benefits

Garlic is not only beneficial for the addition to cooking in our kitchen. But it contains lots of garlic for health benefits. On my most recent posts of this we will discuss some of the benefits of garlic for health.

Garlic contains volatile oil, which is anti bacterial and antiseptic. Aliin allicin content and resources related to anti-cholesterol. This power to prevent coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and others.

garlic Garlic For Health BenefitsContained sulfur content in garlic makes it have a distinctive smell and taste may improve and accelerate the activities of mucous membranes in the respiratory tract, which helps relieve compaction and mucus. Raw garlic contain phytochemicals that may help kill bacteria and viruses that cause disease. In 1992, researchers from Brigham Young University in Utah reported that the mashed garlic in oil to kill not only kill rhinivirus type 2 (umun cause flu), but also kill the 2 types of herpes (an infectious skin disease) and some other common viruses.

How do I use it? Eat as much garlic as soon as you feel sick or add garlic to the dish. You can also make a cough medicine with this recipe: Mash garlic and input into the cold milk in a saucepan, then heat about 1-2 minutes, and drink warm.

Having studied in depth, it turns out garlic can be a source of stamina and physical strength are high. Although they are seldom sick before, suddenly they’re easy to catch cold, people – especially people like this that requires stamina builder of power contained in garlic. People who are easily tired should increase their stamina by eating a little garlic each day in a long time. How, can we mix in the preparation of our food and swallow it.

Onions also have content for the fight against cancer, particularly stomach and colon cancer. Organosulfida contained in garlic helps the liver process the toxic chemical compounds, including chemical compounds that cause cancer several epidemiological studies show that people who consume lots of garlic lower risk of stomach cancer and colon.

Now there are more than 12 studies published around the world to ensure that the various forms of garlic can lower cholesterol. Therefore, it can be concluded that garlic can cure high blood pressure, heart disease.

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