Does White wine can damage the teeth?

You know, too often consume white wine could actually damage the teeth? A study states that the nature of the acid in white wine can make the outer layer of your teeth eroded.

Experiments carried out by soaking the teeth in white wine a day to prove the existence of calcium and phosphorus are lost and also cause tooth erosion of surface layers as deep as 60 micrometers.

While you brush your teeth after ‘drink – drink’, the effect of wine will still be there because of repeated exposure. Even if you brush too hard will increase tooth decay because the outer layer of the teeth will be increasingly eroded. This is not due to age wine, alcohol and how to make it level. However, because the pH and duration of your teeth exposed by the wine.

Keep in mind also that the consumption of wine while eating strawberries or mix your drinks with fruit juice to make acid content in it will be more and more and add to the acid attacks your teeth.

So what if you still intend to drink white wine and reduce risk? Instead, eat cheese as a partner. Because at the same time, the cheese can reduce this risk because the actual content of calcium attacked by acid and cheese to help replace the lost calcium.

Or eat the white wine while eating a meal and brush your teeth at least 30 minutes after that, because you spit (saliva) can reduce and limit the potential and help neutralize acids. Distance before you brush your teeth makes you give time to the outer layer of the tooth to restore themselves after being attacked by the acid.

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