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Efficacy Honey For Facial Skin

The presence of acne it is definitely not in the desired especially for young people keen to take care of the body which one of them is the face. Have a clean face with no acne is a dream for someone, it would be uncomfortable when we are in a public place and then look Continue Reading

Spa for Facial Skin Care

Spa to perform useful to balance the skin and brighten your skin. Other benefits may also prevent premature aging and relaxation for the convenience of your body that makes you become more confident when on the move. Here is an explanation of some of the treatments can be done by you to get beautiful skin Continue Reading

Natural Ways to Whiten Skin

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Natural Ways to Whiten Skin – Face is one reflection of our hearts, someone who has a clean white face and then someone will be regarded as someone who is beautiful and interesting. Every woman even though he really wanted to have white skin and clean. Lots of work done to make the skin become Continue Reading

Vitamin E for healthy skin

Every woman wants to look beautiful. One important factor that supports a person’s beauty is skin. Have skin that is taut, fresh, and smooth to be a plus for a woman to look beautiful. In contrast, dull skin and wrinkles, it will automatically reduce a person’s beauty. Although a person has a pretty face, but Continue Reading

5 Bad Habits That Make Fast Skin Wrinkles

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Keep skin looking healthy and young is not just about skin care or routine. You need to change some bad habits to minimize the damage and complete skin care you have done. What are these habits? 1. Sleep sideways Why? Because it can cause premature wrinkles. Sounds scary but true! Mary Lupo, clinical professor of Continue Reading

Choosing a facial bleach cream

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Actually, these whitening products are not recommended for use to whiten the skin alone, but is recommended for medical reasons that require the use of skin whitening. If there is no medical reason, such as complaints of hyperpigmentation, melasma, lentigo, or Solaris, you should not need to use bleach. But if you really want to Continue Reading

Healthy habits for skin lightening

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The skin is unhealthy skin is too dry can mean or, conversely, too oily. The skin is too dry will make skin look flaky when painted with make-up. Whereas if your skin is too oily, make-up so it fade faster. Dry skin can be dampened by delivering a moisturizer. However, oily skin can not be Continue Reading

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