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Know more details about the mask

You may never do facial with a mask a few times but felt the results were not effective. There are a few things to know about masks. Opinions about working or not face masks be quite warm conversation. Here is an explanation and there is to know in the use of face masks. Consistency Similarly, Continue Reading

Prevent acne

How to treat facial skin is different from other body parts to treat the skin because of the level of pollution in the face of higher than skin-covered elsewhere. In addition it also has a lot of facial skin oil glands (sebaceous glands) that produce a fatty acid called sebum and sweat glands. So if Continue Reading

Good Nutrition For the Skin

Good nutrition for the skin, women spend a lot of money to treat the skin to look brighter. various products and their doctors to try to keep her skin looking bright. Actually not all true, why is that? Balance due at a hearing without good nutrition, we eat every day so that we do care Continue Reading

Right Mask For Acne Skin

Stress, changes in hormone levels, certain medications and even air travel can trigger acne. To fix this, you not only have to always keep your skin clean but also to use acne medicines. The use of masks with a special formula for facial acne can also be used to cure acne faster. In choosing a Continue Reading

Beautiful Skin, Beautiful You

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Every woman would want a clean and clear skin. Yup! The skin is the organ of the human body’s most extensive, which serves as a protective body from the external environment, toxic substances, infections, and radiation. In addition, the skin also helps maintain the body’s water content, temperature, and the immune system. Premature aging, genetic Continue Reading

Choosing a facial bleach cream

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Actually, these whitening products are not recommended for use to whiten the skin alone, but is recommended for medical reasons that require the use of skin whitening. If there is no medical reason, such as complaints of hyperpigmentation, melasma, lentigo, or Solaris, you should not need to use bleach. But if you really want to Continue Reading

Healthy habits for skin lightening

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The skin is unhealthy skin is too dry can mean or, conversely, too oily. The skin is too dry will make skin look flaky when painted with make-up. Whereas if your skin is too oily, make-up so it fade faster. Dry skin can be dampened by delivering a moisturizer. However, oily skin can not be Continue Reading