You may never do facial with a mask a few times but felt the results were not effective. There are a few things to know about masks. Opinions about working or not face masks be quite warm conversation. Here is an explanation and there is to know in the use of face masks.

Similarly, clean your face with face soap, face masks should also be done routinely. If you just use a face mask only once a month, do not be surprised if the benefits are not felt.

To obtain the desired results, do minimal maintenance with a mask once a week and do regularly. Masks can be re-hydrate dry skin and remove the excess oil on my face and tighten pores on oily skin.

The ingredients
If you make your own face mask, then it is very important to know the content of these masks. The material used shall be according to your skin type.

There is a special mask is used for dry or oily face. If your face looks dull, then use a face mask using alpha hydroxy acids. The content is more powerful than usual so that the mask should only be used once a month only.

Make sure you perform maintenance according to the recommended time. Do not be too quick to clean the face of the mask because of abortion will not absorb the maximum.

Enjoy it, times when you do the treatment with face masks. In addition to providing a variety of positive benefits for the face, the mask also makes you more relaxed.

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How to treat facial skin is different from other body parts to treat the skin because of the level of pollution in the face of higher than skin-covered elsewhere. In addition it also has a lot of facial skin oil glands (sebaceous glands) that produce a fatty acid called sebum and sweat glands. So if the weather is hot, a state of panic or too tired, facial skin will be easy greasy, sweaty, sticky and dirty.

This is due to an association of physical and psychological stress with increased production of sweat and sebum (fatty acids) in both types of gland.

Makeup cosmetics that are not cleaned and pollution along with sweat and dust stuck to the face. Something in between then proliferate into Propionibacterium acnes, which will change the fatty sebum from the form of liquid becomes more dense, making it easy clog pores and cause acne.

Below are four main factors causing acne:

1. The blockage in the pores of the skin by the sebum that turns into a solid
2. Increased production of sebum due to hormonal influences, physical, and psychological. If accompanied by a blockage in the mouth of the sebaceous glands, sebum outflow will be unstoppable.
3. Increased population and activity Propionibacteri acnes, because these bacteria are below the mouth of the sebaceous glands and sebum like to eat fat
4. Inflammatory reaction due to the invasion of white blood cells around the sebaceous gland that has undergone a dam and eventually rupture. Sebum fat contents spilling out into the skin tissue hides or dermis, and is considered a foreign object so that the lure of white blood cells rush to the place.

How can acne be prevented? Below is a mini principle that acne is not bothersome:

1. Clean the face of cosmetics before sleeping
2. Avoid sweet foods and greasy
3. Pay attention to balanced nutrition, adequate intake of vitamin C and Vitamin E
4. Avoid using oily cosmetics
5. Give your skin protection from the sun during summer months
6. Do not stay up
7. Do not let dirt and dust stay on the skin surface
8. Clean and care face skin thoroughly

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Good nutrition for the skin, women spend a lot of money to treat the skin to look brighter. various products and their doctors to try to keep her skin looking bright. Actually not all true, why is that? Balance due at a hearing without good nutrition, we eat every day so that we do care would be beneficial.

If the offset by consuming nutrients that are good for the skin, the simple treatment will be more visible results on your skin. therefore I suggest to you the women to consume foods that are good for your skin as I demonstrated below.

What foods must be consumed Skin To Become brighter:

Avocados are a source of vitamin E. It is useful to retard aging and cleanse the skin of any blemishes such as acne scars, dark spots and other problems. Eating avocados on a regular basis will also prevent the skin to sag with age

Red and green vegetables
Spinach, carrots, broccoli, and the others contain more beta-carotene, which serves as an antioxidant for the skin. In addition to preventing damage to cells, beta-carotene will be converted by the body into vitamin A that is useful to combat acne, producing new skin cells and make skin tones look brighter and younger. It would be better if we get vitamin A directly from the food and not from vitamin supplements, because of excess vitamin A can actually interfere with our health

All types of citrus fruit, including grapefruit, is a source of vitamin C that has many benefits for the skin. Vitamin C increases the production of collagen and elastin in our body, which serves to reduce wrinkles and prevent skin aging. He is also believed to slow the production of melanin, the pigment that makes skin appear darker. Try eating fresh oranges once a day. In addition to oranges, tomatoes are also a fruit rich in vitamin C.

These aquatic creatures are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are the main recipe for a brilliant fair skin. In addition, eating sardines, tuna, or salmon are rich in protein can help protect the skin from sun exposure and pollution. The protein contained in it helps the reproductive cells and make skin look radiant.

Olive oil
The healthiest foods for your skin? Salad of fruits and vegetables sprinkled with olive oil as a flavoring. These oils contain essential fatty acids to make skin look bright, luminous, and healthy

Can be obtained in the form of cereals and breads, wheat contains biotin which helps the body process fat cells. Biotin deficiency can cause dry skin and dull looking.

With good nutrition, healthy skin and so automatically appear brighter. Without having to incur substantial costs to buy skin care products.

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Stress, changes in hormone levels, certain medications and even air travel can trigger acne. To fix this, you not only have to always keep your skin clean but also to use acne medicines.

The use of masks with a special formula for facial acne can also be used to cure acne faster. In choosing a mask, it is important to consider the material contained therein.

Salicylic acid is an important ingredient in the acne mask because it serves to prevent acne and smooth the skin that become inflamed again.

Another important ingredient is benzoyl peroxide or tea tree oil. Both serve to dry quickly by killing acne bacteria. Another formula, which serves to reduce sulfur oil and remove stains on the face.

You can also choose a mask that contain retinoids or glycolic acid. This formula can slow the production of sebum (oil lapinyan) that clog the pores of the skin and accelerate the growth of new skin cells.

Before using the mask acne, make sure your skin is clean, dry and free of makeup and skin care products. Also use a hairpin or headband, the hair does not interfere when you use a mask.

You can apply the mask with your fingers or a brush. Make sure the mask placed evenly on the face and neck. Let the mask dry on the skin, usually around 15 to 30 minutes. After that, wash with cold water and dry with a soft towel.

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Every woman would want a clean and clear skin. Yup! The skin is the organ of the human body’s most extensive, which serves as a protective body from the external environment, toxic substances, infections, and radiation. In addition, the skin also helps maintain the body’s water content, temperature, and the immune system.

skin care Beautiful Skin, Beautiful YouPremature aging, genetic defects, and the appearance of brown spots on the skin usually caused by free radicals, which are mostly caused by exposure to UV radiation (sunlight) is excessive. Free radicals from tobacco or alcohol can also damage the skin. The effects of these free radicals can accelerate the aging process of skin and wrinkles, and skin cancer development.

Some research indicates that the use of antioxidant supplements may protect the skin from free radical damage and changes due to aging are associated with the appearance of wrinkles. Free radicals can damage the skin so that a natural antioxidant supplement antioxidant needed to replace the lost antioxidants.

Consumption of vitamin C can act as antioxidants in the body. Vitamin C can be used to prevent the formation of brown spots on the skin because it has antioxidant properties that may reduce the oxidation process that trigger the formation of brown spots. Lack of vitamin C will cause some skin problems, such as the skin becomes more sensitive. Vitamin C can also bind to free radicals, so as to maintain youthful-looking skin. Nah! In addition to functioning as an antioxidant, Vitamin C is proven to encourage the formation of collagen in the body. The skin was protected with a more thorough and collagen production in the skin will also be more secure.

Collagen is the major protein component present in the tissues of the body. Although including protein, when consumed, has the effect of its own collagen which can increase the density of the skin and stimulates the formation of collagen in the skin. Furthermore, when combined with vitamin C, collagen also has the additional effect to moisturize kulit3.

WRP Skin 2 C is a suitable choice as a nutritional drink health and beauty of your skin, because the content of Vitamin C and Collagen her. In addition, the drink is also low in fat and calories, so you need not fear will lead to obesity

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Face mask can help make skin look more sleek. In addition to reducing the visible large pores also reduces deposits of oil and make the face look and smooth.

Need to make sure the face mask that is in use appropriate and suitable for your skin type because it has many different masks on the market but not from choice, choose the right type of mask.

Dry skin
For dry skin should choose a mask that has the ability to hold moisture formula with water on the skin such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin, olive oil content and vitamin E can also help keep moisture in the skin. Generally mask formulated for dry skin has no irritants that can be used quite dry once a week for example, apply to all parts of the face and Lehar including the area around the eyes and lips.

Skin with fine lines
For facial skin with fine lines in need of a formula that contains retinol, glycolic acid or peptidea that help address fine lines, no face mask that can completely eliminate fine lines, but these substances can make the skin more supple while and make it more seamless. For the use of face masks that contain glycolic acid not too often because glycolic acid can irritate the skin, at least 2 weeks. Avoid use near the eyes and mouth, can be applied in other vulnerable areas exposed to sunlight such as the palm of the hand, back and neck.

Acne prone skin
Skin acne is inflamed or irritated skin, so in need of a face mask that does not have the effect of inflammatory such as salicylic acid (which helps to peel the skin and cleanse pores), the required formulas containing benzoyl peroxide, sulfur to help kill bacteria, focusing on the use of in facial acne prone areas like the T-zone, avoiding area around eyes and mouth. Use at least once a week just to reduce the effects of dry skin.

Sensitive skin
White facial skin often has a higher sensitivity that tends to blush, choose a face mask that contains aloe vera, chamomile, cucumber, apples and green tea can reduce the redness and inflammation while. Sulfur, licorice, and xanthine can help eliminate the appearance of lines of blood capillaries on the face. Apply once a week during the first month if the show changes and no allergies can increase the use of up to two times a week, to remove the mask simply wipe clean with a finger just do not use a cloth or towel in order not to make the skin irritated.

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Most women who exist on this earth wants to smooth facial skin soft, smooth white, and shining clean. They are willing to do anything to grab it from traditional to modern and some even up to spend millions of dollars.

Many things that happen and probably very common is the use of products that do not correspond to the type of skin as a result of the produce is not beautify but instead they damage the skin. To maintain beautiful skin we have a few things to note in choosing a product.

Normal skin
Habits that often occur on the owner of the normal skin is often neglected to do skin care, they think do not need any treatment because they do not see any problem in the skin, they did not think to take the necessary steps to preserve youthfulness. This is one of misunderstanding for owners of normal skin and never thought about in your mind that normal skin will not have problems like acne and irritation.

Begin treatment early on by using the products according to skin type and skin needs to maintain the youthfulness of the skin, use products that contain sunscreen, retinol, and anti-oxidants every day.

Sensitive skin
For sensitive skin should not be too much use of the product, is a big mistake because it can trigger skin inflammation, inflammation of the skin is usually followed by symptoms of dry skin, scaly skin on the nose. Cheeks, chin, or scalp. There are certain chemicals in products can harm the health of skin and also cause damage to the protective epidermis.

The solution, first test the product before it is enforced on the face that contains glicolat, vitamin C, and vitamin A, try one at a time when there is a reaction then you will know which product is causing damage to the skin. We recommend using a product that can minimize inflammation and can soothe like zinc, green tea and chamomile.

Oily Skin
For oily skin should not be too much use of beauty products, use of alcohol toner and exfoliator cause dryness of the skin, avoid products containing occlusive ingredients such as oil and minerals that can clog pores and choose alcohol-free serum and gel-based formula.

Beauty experts recommend using an oil-free moisturizer at night for ANAD who use drugs Resp acne, this is to avoid dehydration of the skin

Dry skin
For owners of dry skin should not be delayed in performing skin care, most women start buying products to reduce wrinkles after 40 years of age while preventing aging should be done early before the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face even in the early 20s, actually much easier to prevent damage than to fix it.

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