Benefits of Yoga for Women

During this time, yoga is known as a relaxation technique through specific movements. These movements are considered quite difficult, until finally made people reluctant to participate because he felt his body less flexible. What can be done yoga for women who feel less flexible? What is the use of yoga for women?

What is yoga and its relation to healing?
Yoga is a meeting of the mind, body and soul. Yoga brings all three of these things into one. Yoga uses gestures, postures to reach third. In yoga, there are plenty of physical exercise and movement. With yoga, you train the mind and feelings in order to become more calm. Yoga uses stretching while applying deep breathing. As you stretch the fabric, you will see a stretch in the fabric of the holes are more likely to smear-perforated, and when you breathed oxygen, the oxygen will be easier to enter and spread. Just as it is also on the body, when your stretching and breathing exercise, the more oxygen nice spread to all parts of your body, your body will feel more comfortable and healthy. It would be very good also performed for those who begin to feel unwell. Yoga is preventive. So, if you practice yoga when healthy, you could say you’ll rarely sick.

So, economically, yoga is very beneficial, yes? What you do not get sick since the take up yoga?

Yes, I certainly never hurts. But I so know what makes me sick. I am not sick, then I see a doctor. I very rarely see a doctor. When I was sick, I know that I’m bad mood, tension, overwork, and lack of sleep. So, logically, I need a break, relax the mind, calm down, eat better. If I do that, I heal myself, because I know how to balance yourself. Therefore, yoga is preventative, and is quite economical in the bag, you can save money rather than going to the doctor.

What is the core of yoga?
In essence, yoga is about knowledge. The more we know how the body works, how we are as human beings, why the body needs a rest, and others. Yoga see our behavior as living creatures, yoga also noticed the presence of humans, animals too. When the animal was tired, he needs a rest, when a lot of energy, he ran. Yoga connects us to nature. Consciously or not, when we work with a full bustle of everyday life, we are getting rid of our natural lives.

We should move, we are designed to move. But is there, every day we wake up, sit down, go to the office, sat down again, then go home and sleep again, we so rarely move. What happens, all the energy that is in us trapped, as a result they cause pain. We must allow that energy to move, then the healing process will occur. So, we need to balance ourselves, including in terms of food intake, yes. When you start doing yoga, we will have time for ourselves. When we are balanced, we can actually do many other things.

What about those who say “I do not have time”?

They should try it first with truly how it feels after yoga. If you have not, try first, feel, do not let anyone else tell you what it’s like. No one ever told me after yoga class they want to feel upset or angry. Many say that they feel more calm, relief, and energy. Yes, yoga can also make you more excited. Because with yoga, you release tension, fatigue, and therefore, you fill yourself with new oxygen. Like when you sleep, you are tired, sleep, when you wake up, you feel better. When you relax, you’ll be more energetic.

What about the problems with the spine? Can not be as flexible as they are not problematic.
Most people who have problems with your back, lower back, or just finished the operation, this happens because your body has accumulated a lot of tension or bad posture. That can happen when you sit down with a bad posture, force the body to constrict, or not standing straight, or sitting idly, and so forth. That would be dealing with such matters, that’s why most of us have a problem with the lower abdomen.

Since we do not provide space in the abdominal area, because everyday we force the body to bend when sitting or standing. Yoga teaches how we stand. When you stretch your spine, you give space in the abdomen, when you make room, there will be a place to look better and abdominal organs should also be in place. Our backbone is created for stretch. If not, he will bend. When he flexed, the organs inside the body will be bent to each other, no wonder, would a lot of problems in the abdomen. Plus, plus bad food, it will add a lot of problems in the abdomen. For yoga, there will be movements that are adapted to the conditions of the body, really. No need to immediately perform complex and difficult movements, start slowly.

What about people who never felt himself sufficiently flexible?
That is exactly the right person to practice yoga. Yoga does not need to dictate to you. All the perfect body for the practice of yoga. Yoga will train you to balance everything and helps repair your body. How to strengthen the body less powerful, and relaxes the overly tense.

As a yogi women, according to you, what are the advantages for women practicing yoga?

One thing we know about women is that women are creatures of multitasking. From the past, women working at home, caring for children, keep house, as well as caring for a husband. But in the present, women’s work, and do many things. Women are multitasking, he was instrumental in many ways. So, for all these activities, women feel empty inside. You need something for yourself. All of those activities, is an activity for others. But what can be given to him? Yoga can help fill it. That you do something good for yourself. When you fill it, that you create the scope for yourself, make a balanced, focused, and relaxed, he was also able to enjoy herself. So, this is very good for women, it’s no wonder more and more women yoga enthusiasts. Plus, since he was a lot of energy, he became more adept to do many things, he was so much faster to do many things.

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