The benefits of the consumption of fibrous foods

osteoporosis1 The benefits of the consumption of fibrous foodsThe benefits of the consumption of fibrous foodsFood and drinks are consumed every day is closely linked to a person’s health. Not just filling your thirst and satisfy the taste, ingredients in foods and beverages in the food should have been able to support the vitality of the body condition of the body so well maintained. Vitamins and nutrients contained in food that the body should also draw a few decades ago fiber known as bulk or roughage.

Year 1970 discourse on the importance of fiber contained in the food or drink from the workshop discussed health. In development time through intensive research, some of the benefits of fiber for a healthy body. Just an example of fiber has the ability to hold water so that it can delay the emptying of food in the stomach.

Seeing its ability to delay the emptying of food or hold full longer, so when we are fasting or who are strict diet, it is recommended to eat fibrous foods. Another benefit of fiber is the ability to bind organic substances such as bile which in turn lowers bile acids. As a result, the liver must use cholesterol to bile acids to form a new one. The final result of the binding process of organic matter to the decline in bile cholesterol.

If the person is deficient in fiber when consuming food and drink, will experience symptoms of constipation may lead to heart disease risk. Because fiber is so important an element in the food and beverage, every person should be able to meet the needs of fiber body. For women daily fiber needs about 20-25 grams and the male about 30-35 grams. So what foods have fiber?

Daily requirement of fiber for women between 20-25 grams. Colorful fresh fruits and vegetables are very well taken.

Vegetables and fruits are an excellent source of fiber easily found all around us. Harbor fiber from fruits other than vitamins and nutrients as well mengadung antioxidants that are needed to maintain a healthy body. It is unfortunate if the knowledge of the benefits of fiber for a healthy body is often covered by health workshop involving health practitioners physician nutritionist, there are sisters who are reluctant to consume fresh fruits and vegetables in the daily menu.

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