Be careful consuming antibiotics

using antibiotics Be careful consuming antibioticsANTIBIOTIC is a drug used to kill bacteria and should be used with a doctor’s prescription. However, in daily practice, many people are using antibiotics to treat various diseases, including the common cold is caused by a virus. Practices like these lead to antibiotic resistance, antibiotics are used so that it is not working anymore when needed. How do I use the right ones? Here’s the description for you.

What is an antibiotic?
Antibiotics used to treat diseases caused by bacteria, such as strep throat (a type of throat infection), ear infections, urinary tract infections, and sinus infections (sinusitis).

Antibiotics consisted of various types and each works with a slightly different way with different bacterial targets. Doctors could certainly determine the choice of appropriate antibiotics.

Can be used for all diseases?
Antibiotics are powerful drugs, but can not cure all ills. Antibiotics can not fight the diseases caused by viruses. This medicine can not cope with diseases like common cold, influenza, most cases of acute bronchitis, the majority of cases of sore throat (unless caused by strep), and runny nose. All of this disease usually disappears by itself. Consult with your doctor to relieve the symptoms of your illness.

Why be careful? If you are using antibiotics when not really needed, then the antibiotics will not be effective again when you need it. Every time you use antibiotics, you risk getting infected with bacteria that can not be killed by antibiotics. Each time the bacteria change (mutate), it will be increasingly difficult to kill. Antibiotics commonly used to overcome them will not be effective anymore. These bacteria become resistant to antibiotics.

These strong bacteria in turn will trigger a more serious infection and can last a long time. And to fix this, you need another antibiotic that is stronger and certainly more expensive. Besides the price, the more powerful antibiotics also cause effects
side more than the first antibiotic.

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria can also spread to other keluaerga members, such as children and coworkers. Therefore, the community you are also at risk of bacterial infection is more difficult to overcome.

In addition, unnecessary use of antibiotics will not make you feel better, do not cure the disease, and does not prevent transmission of your infection. This sparked even dangerous side effects. The most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and pain in the stomach.

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