4 Ways to Maintain Ideal Weight

For some people it may be too difficult to maintain ideal body weight, but if done regularly a few quirks below will be able to maintain your ideal weight. Having an ideal body weight a dream of many people. One of the things that must be done is by exercising regularly, without regular exercise will be hard pressed to get the ideal body weight, especially when we are not able to resist the desire to eat a lot every day.

Gaining weight and ideal body shape does require effort. But even more difficult to defend. You certainly do not want to, strict diet and exercise routine has been done so in vain because it is not able to control the desire to eat and weight.

There are some easy ways to maintain ideal body weight. But the key is only one, do it with discipline and orderly. Here are tips for you.

1. Vary your exercise routine
Regular exercise can indeed maintain ideal body weight and shape. But do not do the same exercise movements from week to week. Not only does exercise make you bored, but the same exercise for a long time also makes the body less adaptable so that calories are burned even fewer. As a result, the body will be formed only in some parts while other parts become loose. Not to mention, the continuous repetition of movement can also increase the risk weight back up. Vary your exercise to try out new classes. For example yoga, aerobics or cardio, if you’ve never tried it. That way, your metabolism will remain stable and ideal body shape last longer.

2. Periodic Change In Diet Menus
Just like exercise, your diet should also be varied to avoid boredom that lead you to be lazy on a diet. Eating food that’s all every week, will make the bored and nutrients that the body was not acceptable maximum. Try replacing three or four new menu every week. Able to replace herbs, spices, vegetables, meat or fish of different species. Make each of your eating schedule varied and always interesting. So, you will not try to eat junk food, cake, potato chips or butter muffins.

3. Set Eating Habits
Make a schedule when you have to eat breakfast, lunch, afternoon and evening. Always follow these hours and eat so it was time. For example, if you are accustomed to eating lunch at 12.00, try not to be postponed. Eat more meals, can lead you to consume more food than usual because he felt very hungry. Eat according to schedule, it could prevent you from eating too much and steals too much time for snacking. You are not prohibited for snacking. Hours between breakfast and lunch, or lunch in the afternoon can be used for the consumption of snacks. But choose healthy snacks nutrient-rich but low in calories.

4. Enough Sleep
When the body lacks sleep, desire to eat will usually trigger a craze and you eat too much because of fatigue or stress. In addition, sleep less than 7-8 hours a day will make it difficult to collect the body’s energy to move, digest food well. Numerous studies showed that people who have tired every day, her metabolism will decrease. Low metabolism means the body’s ability to burn fewer calories as well. So make sure you sleep enough and qualified.

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