2 important things to lose weight

Having an ideal body weight into the dream of every person. Excess weight has some bad effect. Besides looking less attractive, people who have excess weight, much more potential for some diseases, including obesity, heart weak, and diabetes. Basically the cause of excess weight is mostly fat that comes from the foods we eat.

If we want our weight down then there is no other way except by reducing fats in our body. There are two things we need to consider to reduce our weight, ie diet and physical activity.

Adjusting Diet
Adjust your diet does not mean you have to hunger hungry and not eating. Although you want your weight down you should still eat in moderation because your body still needs energy. If not then there will be other effects if you are holding hunger. The important thing here is you have to pick and choose which food you should eat, for example, we need to reduce foods that contain lots of fat.

Physical Activity
How we work very hard physical effect on weight gain. A very simple example we see is the life of an athlete or sportsman. If at that time still young and active athletes in sports that they do, his body is ideal at all. But when the athlete is approaching retirement, his weight being added so that his body is slowly visible fat.

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