Fresh fruits benefits

fresh fruits

Fresh fruit is much beneficial for our bodies. Grapefruit is useful as an antioxidant. Kiwi fruit contains vitamin necessary for the body. And there are many other benefits of fresh fruit. But if you’re tired of eating the fruit directly, you can replace it with a blended way. Fresh fruit juice can make your body Continue Reading

Good Exercise Tips

exercise tips

Exercise is very important in maintaining our health and fitness. But do you know if the exercise is excessive and not done properly will make us become an unhealthy body even make us wretched even during exercise. Here are some good exercise tips and true: 1. Warm start Make sure you warm up before exercise. Continue Reading

Temperature Heat Can Reduce Male Fertility

male fertility

Temperature Heat Can Reduce Male Fertility – The best temperature for sperm cell is 32 degrees. The temperature naturally been positioned by God in a man’s body. Evidently, the testes are located in the outer skin to get the hot air in the middle of the body temperature between 36.5 to 37 degrees. If scotrum Continue Reading

sports drink bottles to stock up during exercise

sport bottles

Sports drink bottles, had to be prepared when you exercise regularly in order to maintain the condition of the body, especially to avoid dehydration caused by excessive sweating during muscle burns calories. Activity of the body during movement, starting when warmed up on the main motion, the body will release a lot of liquid as Continue Reading

3 Foods type to Avoid in the Office

This article focuses on the unhealthy foods that are rich in fat, high calorie, carbohydrate is not important and rich in sugar that you should keep it away if you value your commitment to lose weight, especially in an office environment. These foods will increase your blood pressure, contain refined sugars and saturated fats that Continue Reading

Sleep and Exercise as Important

EXERCISE regularly is beneficial to health mainly reduce the risk of cancer. However, the benefits of physical activity is meaningless if the relatively poor quality of sleep. A Maryland research in the United States involving 5968 participants recently indicated, sleep and exercise are the two components are equally important in influencing cancer risk. The quality Continue Reading

Types of foods that improve the quality of life

NUTRITION food can prolong life. Some food to prolong life, including green vegetables, fruit, and brown rice. Find out more food. Some of the following foods can help the body away from the disease and support your healthy lifestyle. Check out some of the foods that will help improve your quality of life. Soybean Soybeans Continue Reading

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