4 benefits of exercise

SPORTS REDUCE BODY FAR. Regular exercise causes an increase in metabolism to provide enough energy to exercise. Energy sources obtained primarily from the burning of fat tissue that will produce energy, this will cause a decrease in fat tissue on your body. Fatty tissue around the stomach are usually buried that causes the body shaped Continue Reading

Coffee Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a serious problem for women. According to the National Cancer Institute, the disease has caused lives of 50,000 people died in 2010 just in the United States. But the mainstream media, as well as mainstream medicine, cancer is often treated as something very very sad, makes women have no other options and Continue Reading

Reduce Excess Appetite


Have you ever wanted to eat even when not hungry? This sometimes happens when you are faced with tempting foods. In fact, even when not hungry, you will strive to eat these foods in order to satisfy this temptation. If this practice occurs in a long time and that you consume is a high-calorie foods, Continue Reading

Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Mouth

Maintaining  teeth and mouth health is not new for us all. This activity routinely do each of us shower. But health care is indeed the most important compared with other parts of the body. Why? because of all the foods and drinks that enter the body through the mouth and teeth. Of course we do Continue Reading

Garlic For Health Benefits


Garlic is not only beneficial for the addition to cooking in our kitchen. But it contains lots of garlic for health benefits. On my most recent posts of this we will discuss some of the benefits of garlic for health. Garlic contains volatile oil, which is anti bacterial and antiseptic. Aliin allicin content and resources Continue Reading

The proper of plastic surgery

Appearance is one that determines a woman’s confidence. Therefore, no wonder so many women doing plastic surgery for the sake of appearances which they dream. However, the costs to perform plastic surgery relatively large. Development of negative issues about the risks of plastic surgery is enough to make people uneasy, especially the women who want Continue Reading

Selecting a face mask according to skin type

Face mask can help make skin look more sleek. In addition to reducing the visible large pores also reduces deposits of oil and make the face look and smooth. Need to make sure the face mask that is in use appropriate and suitable for your skin type because it has many different masks on the Continue Reading

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